I live in Florida and thru a weird series of events and blessings, have aquired a 2 1/2 year old TT named Cody. He came from an area where Hurricane Charley destroyed the kennels where he and several other TT's were kept. Thru word of mouth I found out that Cody was available for adoption - unaware of what his background was. Supposedly, he is registered with the CKC. I knew NOTHING about this breed. Didn't know what to expect. I made arrangements to meet the woman in front of a Petsmart in the parking lot. She handed him to me and I wanted to cry. She apologized for his condition. She couldn't take care of all of these dogs with all of the damage to her area. But he had issues before this storm, I could tell. His curly hair was so matted with feces and urine and he smelled so bad I almost cried. I took him home and tried to wash him but to no avail. It was 3 am by this time and when he urinated on the floor in front of me I realized he also wasn't house broken! I placed him in a crate and laid next to it and just talked to him, he fell asleep. I took him first thing in the am to the vet, where it took 2 people 6 hours to shave him and check him over and gave him all his shots. They had to sedate him he was so traumatized. He also had massive ear infections and walked with his head tilted sideways.I picked him up and he was a new little man! He felt better ! We have had our Cody for one month and he has wormed his way into my family's hearts and souls! We have a 1 1/2 yr old Golden Retriver, Summer, who adores him and they are now inseparable. He has bitten my husband and still doesn't trust men at all, but my husband is working on this with patience and love and lots of treats. He trusts and loves my 15 yr old daughter, Chelsea. Cody has bonded with me, however, as he is very much a one person dog. He is my velcro dog. He has a heart as big as the world. He is doing so much better with the housebreaking. His personality is really showing thru nowadays - He romps and prances in leaps and bounds when he and Summer play! His paws literally prance - he is so proud in nature. We are looking forward to the new coat of hair and he doesn't snarl anymore when I brush his now short hair in preparation for his curls growing back. His favorite thing is riding in the car with Summer every am to take Chelsea to school. He rides with his head out the halfway down window, hair plastered down to his face,ears back and eyes squinted open from the wind, standing so proud and gleeful! He is saying, "Ahhhh, this is the life! " He is enjoying his new family and I hope that he can someday forget the time that made him not trust . This is his forever home. Sincerely, Michele

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