My first experience with a TT began in the Summer of 1990 when a tangled and matted snow white shaggy dog wandered around my home and around the neighbors' homes here in Thomasville, Georgia (34 miles north of Tallahassee, Florida). None of the neighbors seemed to care about her. Having several dogs already, one more was no bother to me. I put a legal notice in the local paper for ten days; no one responded. I checked at all of the vet's offices. No missing white shaggy dog. She wore no tag or collar. No one ever responded; therefore, she has been my heavenly angel ever since. The vet said at that time that she was about a year to a year and a half in age. Today she is very mobile, though somewhat slower than when she was a young thing.

     JoJo Josephine looks just like "Beautiful Sadie" on page 26 and like Lucy on page 52. Only during the late Autumn and Winter Season in this mostly hot climate does JoJo go with very long hair. In the Summer I have her shaved down for her comfort, foregoing the long hair which is truly beautiful. She follows my every footstep. She is my constant shadow and my joy. She sleeps with me, eats with me (those sad large eyes just quietly watching me making me feel guilty)! She loves going (bye-bye) and I have to spell it or else just to say the words she goes crazy. Her favorite place is the drive-thru at McDonalds of course.

     One year after JoJo came to me, I had an accident with my lower back. I could not move, only fall over onto my bed. I lay there for hours, practically seven, before anyone could come to help me. My husband was on-call and could not leave his job. Also unfortunately, he did not have a door key in his pocket. A lock smith came and drilled the lock open, the ambulance took me to the hospital. HOWEVER, the entire time I lay upon my bed, in shock, wet from inability to control functions, freezing to death in November of 1991, JoJo climbed up onto the bed and lay down upon me for all of those hours, keeping me warm until help was able to come to me. Even without this spirit of love, my angel on earth, she was always my angel before that incident.

     I am not a very religious person, perhaps spiritual, but JoJo came into my life for some great purpose. She loves everyone and everyone who has ever met her has loved her. She is a beautiful miralce in my life and has given me such love and comfort that no human has ever given, freely, deeply and without reservation. I believe the Creator must surely send his angels to this earth in the form of loving angels, and JoJo is mine.Whomever lost her, or whatever her circumstance was, I was blessed to find her. I am sorry for their loss but so greatful for my gain. Someone somewhere lost an angel. No one could ever surely have dumped her out in the country where I live. I can not imagine such an act towards JoJo.

     Today, JoJo has great difficulty hearing and has learned somewhat to follow my handsignals to come to me or go outside. Her favorite occupation is staying indoors, sleeping a lot in the air conditioning and keeping a watchful eye out for when anyone is eating, waiting patiently for a tid-bit. She is the Queen and the boss of our other 12 dogs and two cats. Though she is approximately 14 to 15 years old, I pray she will stay in good health for much time to come. I could not imagine life without her, my most special friend!

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